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Our clinic office hours are 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday.  We will endeavour to answer the phone as much as possible during this time, around seeing patients, and will also respond to emails/texts.  Please do leave a message on the phone so we can call you back as soon as we're free. 

If you are having trouble finding time to come in for a first appointment, we do offer telephone or skype initial consultations and advice sessions.  Please email :  enquiries to arrange.

For current acupuncture patients who want to book or change appointments online, please use the button to click through to our online booking service.  

 You can't out-wit ageing but we can try to improve on what we've got.  If you're worried about the quality of your sperm, get in touch with us about DNA Fragmentation Testing - now available at the Natural Fertility Centre in Edinburgh.  

NFC Essentials are recommended by the GCRM in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee as the supplement of choice for their patients.

  • For Glasgow patients: Our Conception Coach Dee Armstrong is available via Skype for consultations and our fertility nutritionist, Jane Jamieson, is regularly at the clinic in Glasgow. Please get in touch with us if you want to pre-book an appointment.  

Have you ever been part of a clinical trial for reproductive medicine? Would you be willing to share your experience in Stirling on the morning of the 19th of April at a Scottish Research Network meeting aiming to increase participation in research in Reproductive Health?

The talk will be for someone to give a personal view of being approached for a clinical trial, what benefits they received i.e. did they feel it was more beneficial to them being part of the clinical trial, how did they feel about being part of the trial to an actual outcome, what was the downside of being part of the trial etc. in reproductive medicine . If you would like to help please contact