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Latest Testimonial for our supplements: "Since I've been taking them I feel like I have so much more energy - I think they're making a real difference." ES, Feb 2016

For current acupuncture patients who want to book or change appointments online, please use the button below to click through to our online booking service.  If you are a new patient, or are trying to book online and are having problems  or are not sure what to do, please call on 0131 629 1529 or  email us on: enquiries@thenaturalfertilitycentre.com 

May News & Views

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From early June, our patient Daisy will be sharing her and her partner’s story on the nfc blog.  She hopes you will be able to laugh, cry and, most of all, no longer feel you are all wandering alone in the fertility labyrinth.  We at the clinic know that there are many couples in the labyrinth together at any one time but finding each other, as well as the way out, can difficult.  Hopefully this blog recounting Daisy's fears, hopes, expectations and dreams can keep you company while you navigate your way through.

  • We normally recommend Pre-Seed or Zestica for women who if they need it, but this article in the Mail Online  is about another lubricant which claims to "give mens' sperm a boost".
  • New miscarriage research centre to open near Birmingham - read all about it here.  'Tommy's' will be the the first UK national centre dedicated to miscarriage research.  The press release says:
Miscarriage is by far the biggest cause of pregnancy loss in the UK, and it’s also the least understood. Too often, women are left without answers and must endure three miscarriages before any clinical investigation can be carried out.
The best chance of changing the situation is through research, and that’s why we’re opening Europe’s largest research centre dedicated to preventing early miscarriage.

Image: Huffington Post

Image: Huffington Post

 You can't out-wit ageing but we can try to improve on what we've got.  If you're worried about the quality of your sperm, get in touch with us about DNA Fragmentation Testing - now available at the Natural Fertility Centre in Edinburgh.  There has been quite a bit of interest in this test so book ahead for a consultation - at Albany Street Clinic, one Sunday per month.

  • For Glasgow patients: Our Conception Coach Dee Armstrong is available via Skype for consultations and our fertility nutritionist, Jane Jamieson, is regularly at the clinic in Glasgow. Please get in touch with us if you want to pre-book an appointment.  

New patients are always telling us how much benefit they get from hearing other peoples' stories. If you are willing and able to share your story, whether on-line via a testimonial or case history on our website/blog, on Facebook or in the press, please do contact us.