Our Story

The Natural Fertility Centre is well known in Scotland for promoting natural conception and IVF support using a combination of specialist & expert acupuncture, nutrition and conception coaching.  Established in 2006, we see 80 fertility patients a week and have links with IVF clinics such as the ERI, Spire, GCRM and Nuffield. 

Clinic Directors Rachael Forrest and Fiona Wolfenden set up The Natural Fertility Centre in 2004.  Since then, they have grown the Centre into a highly regarded centre of excellence for complementary fertility care, in Edinburgh and Glasgow with close links to IVF clinics in Scotland and other centres in the UK. 

What makes us special is that we function as a close-knit team, working under the same roof.  We hold regular case study meetings  so that we can discuss a patient's case from a team perspective, giving each couple a unique and personalised approach suited to their needs.

We have had various amounts of press coverage over the past 10 years but the greatest measure of our success is the number of word-of mouth patients who come to us, as well as successful past patients who come for their second or subsequent conception.

In 2012 we moved our Edinburgh base to the heart of the New Town, at the Albany Street Clinic, which provides a beautiful, calm and confidential space.  

Overall conception rate (from data Nov 2012 - Jan 2015): 

84%          218 out of 258 (people for whom we have results since end 2012)

40%          218 0ut of 540 (total number of people seen since end 2012)

These latest statistics show breakdown of our patients by age and the 'causes' of our patients fertility issues