Acupuncture is good for:

all gynaecological issues such as painful periods, irregular periods, PCOS, endometriosis; hormonal headaches, stress, anxiety, insomnia, IVF support, pregnancy symptoms (nausea, swollen ankles, carpal tunnel, piles and labour preparation)

About Acupuncture

Surprisingly to most new patients, acupuncture is very relaxing. We will talk you through everything we do and we will answer all your questions. All our needles are sterile, medical-grade stainless steel and are hair-thin so treatments are usually pain-free.

Acupuncture is based on the ancient traditions of Chinese Medicine, using fine needles inserted into specific points on the body. Most treatments involve up to 12 needles put into different places. We use acupuncture to support women with menstrual irregularities such as late ovulation, spotting or painful periods, PCOS and endometriosis and for those going through IVF or other assisted conception treatments. We also see men for sperm problems as well as stress and anxiety. 

The 3-4 year acupuncture training involves 2 years of anatomy, physiology & pathology, a thorough understanding of 'red-flag' issues (i.e. when to refer to GP or consultant) as well as a working knowledge of  medical pharmacology.

Usually the needles are placed around the lower leg, ankle, wrist and abdomen.  Some patients have needle-phobia or specific parts of the body they don't want needled and we can work around that.  For needle-phobic patients we often use points on the back so they don't need to see what's happening.  Other patients find their curiosity and the fact that they're relaxed, actually helps them overcome any worries about the needles.

In addition to our general Diploma in Acupuncture, our therapists have specialised in treating gynaecology and fertility though further study and courses as well as having many years of experience.