There are many routes leading to adoption which are unique to each person and may have already involved a lot of very emotional experiences such a long journey with fertility treatment. The idea of adoption can take a lot of processing and possibly adjusting of your perceptions about the way you imagined you would have a family.  This can involve feelings of loss as well as anticipation and there are long-term challenges to consider, as children who are needing adopting have often had a very difficult start to their lives.

Counselling can be helpful during any of the stages of adoption. Whether you are at the ‘thinking about it ‘ stage and would like to talk through the different issues it raises for you, or whether you are negotiating your way through the process of assessment and approval or are waiting to be matched with your child.  Also if you have a child that you have adopted and find that it presents new and unexpected experiences. 

It can be hard to find a place to talk. You may not feel it's acceptable to express your feelings or ask the questions you have and counselling offers a safe and confidential environment, which can support you and help you move forward. Looking after yourself is an incredibly important part of adopting a child and enables you to look after your child

Francesca Howell can offer you support and a place to talk about your experiences. Francesca works as a counsellor and acupuncturist in our Glasgow branch of the Natural Fertility Centre. Having adopted a child herself she has 1st hand experience and knowledge about how the process of adoption works and how it feels to be involved in it. “I understand how complicated it is emotionally and the various challenges it presents as you go through the process of adoption and also the challenges of meeting and parenting your child”.