Egg Freezing - the hard sell



There is a lively debate going on among our aged 30+ patients about egg freezing and whether it's something worth doing.  The Guardian today and Slate Magazine from last week, both have interesting articles on the subject and both are fairly negative.  

Both articles emphasise the need to be clear on success rates and to be aware of hard selling tactics - using some women's fear of never having children, or guilt at having 'waited' too long. 

Professor Richard Anderson, Professor of Clinical Reproductive Science (University of Edinburgh), made a comment for our blog:  

This is indeed a mixed and murky area, usual bad mix of commercial interests and women’s anxieties (real and promoted). There is very little info on outcomes of ‘social’ egg freezing as it is sometimes called and, as the article says, many women do so at an age when likely success rates will be modest at best. Realistic success rate info is a key to women making the right decision, and of course it’s expensive.

Our advice is, keep an open mind, look in to your options available and don't just go to your nearest clinic if it doesn't match others' success rates.  If we're starting to see more US style hard-sell tactics in this field, then we've got to become more American in our demands for quality and good service.

Egg freezing can open up options for some women so is worth considering, but don't be frightened or coerced into it.  If you want to discuss your options through with us, just send us an email - we're happy to chat.