Oral Contraceptive Pill could mask true fertility

The Telegraph today has an article based on Danish research which shows how the contraceptive pill affects a woman's body & fertility.

The research shows smaller ovarian volume and significantly lower AMH in a study of 833 women.  The researchers do not believe that these changes are permanent but stress that it can take at least 3 months after discontinuing the Pill, before a true picture of a woman's fertility can be seen.

In the clinic we have seen that it can take up to a year before a normal cycle establishes itself and, on rare occasions, it doesn't come back at all.  In younger and healthier women, a menstrual cycle is more likely to return sooner so keeping fit and watching body fat are, as always, important factors here.  (This doesn't mean to say, however, that it's necessary to wait for any length of time after stopping the pill to get pregnant - some women have a kind of 'rebound fertility' and they have a greater chance of pregnancy immediately after coming off the pill.)

Acupuncture, Nutrition and Chinese Herbal Medicine are all influential in re-establishing a regular menstrual cycle.  Once this is in place then a session of conception coaching will help you understand how to read your body's signs of fertility without needing expensive monitors.