Long term Stress and effects on Sperm

Cable News has this article, first published in the Journal of Fertility & Sterility about the effects of chronic stress on sperm.

Up until now, the effects of stress have only been researched with regards to their impact on female fertility, with the male side of things being, typically, ignored.

This has now changed and researchers say the correlation is clear.

So the more stress you perceived, the lower the swimming quality of the sperm, the lower the numbers of the sperm and the worse the morphology was...

It went on to say that being unemployed turned out to have a major impact on male fertility and states

.. it speaks a lot to the economic downturn and the recession and the influence it might have on men’s health, which hasn’t probably been considered enough in previous research...

Men need to learn to ask for help when it's needed and make use of the support that's available to them ... we know from the women we speak to that their partners often suffer in silence rather than seeking a solution.

The good news is that stress can be managed through exercise, counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, acupuncture and massage.  People cannot always remove themselves from the source of the stress - e.g. a nasty boss or high work load - but they can take control of their response to those stressful situations.