What if you just don't know if you want kids?

This is an excellent article from the New York Magazine.  It highlights two very important points which are now bubbling up in the media and deserve full recognition. 

First, the articled highlights the myth that the primary aim of a woman's life is always to have children and secondly, the it clarifies point that women aren't delaying having children, they're debating having children.  Women who haven't reproduced as soon as they're in a longer-term relationship are often spending time with child-free couples as well as those with children, observing, thinking and analysing which of the two lifestyles attracts them most and more importantly, which they feel they could cope with, as an individual and as a couple.

At the clinic we see many couples who are trying to conceive but say they would not be heartbroken if it didn't happen.  These are the couples who don't want to opt for IVF and are happy to keep trying naturally to see if 'it' happens.  Sometimes the women feel relief if they don't conceive and can then get on with their lives, knowing they tried but feeling free to move on with other things.  Some feel pressured to conform from partner, family or friends to join the 'parents club' but their hearts aren't really in it.  All of these, as well as the women and couples who are desperate for a child and have wanted one all their lives, are welcome in our clinic.  They each have valid stand-points and none are judged in any way.

Women's dreams, desires, ambitions and longings differ between indviduals as much as men's do and we are lucky that we are able to choose the path that suits us best.