Testimonials for Dee and Rachael

Here's our latest testimonials from a patient who's recently given birth to an extremely cute baby boy!  Claire says:

When we decided to try for a baby, I wanted to make sure my reproductive health was in the best possible shape after a number of years using the pill. Rachael helped to identify potential issues with my cycle and, alongside some lifestyle changes, used acupuncture to address these. I was lucky to conceive relatively quickly and later in my pregnancy, continued to see Rachael for relief from carpal tunnel and high blood pressure. In addition to the expertise and treatment she provides, Rachael exudes calmness and I looked forward to our appointments for relaxation too! I won’t hesitate to return to the Albany Street Clinic when we start thinking about baby no.2.

And also:

Meeting Dee early on in our baby-making endeavours was invaluable. As well as offering lots of helpful and practical advice and suggestions, she was open, friendly and honest and as a result, was easy to talk to and to trust. Knowing that we were doing all the ‘right’ things - besides the obvious - gave us the reassurance and the tools we needed and our bump appeared soon after!

Thanks Claire for that lovely, positive feedback.