A Lovely Case Study from 2014

We have been asking patients for feed-back and their stories so that we can pass them on to you all.  Here's a successful story from 2014 from one of our patients who's taken time out from being with her new baby daughter to write this for us.

 My husband and I initially experienced difficulties trying to conceive as I had many months of frequent irregular periods. I had a number of blood tests that revealed low levels of progesterone.  The GP referred us to the fertility clinic, however, literally as the letter arrived we then found out I was pregnant. We were so delighted and although I was cautious to wait until the 12 weeks, we already started to think about all the exciting times ahead. We were then completely devastated when at 10 weeks I had some light spotting and at our scan were told that out baby didn’t have a heartbeat. My body then didn’t miscarry naturally so it was another two weeks of scans and hospital appointments. Following this I had continuous bleeding for 3 months. I didn’t find my GP supportive or helpful and her suggestion to stop the bleeding was to take the contraceptive pill! Not helpful for someone trying for a baby! I had already been googling and came across many people recommending alternative therapies, such as, acupuncture. This is when I came across the NFC website.    

I instantly felt at ease with Rachael, she was the first person to really listen to our story and genuinely wanted to help. She created such a relaxing and welcoming environment and even after a busy day at work, plus usually getting stuck in traffic to get there, I would always leave feeling calm and refreshed. I didn’t know what to expect initially, but the acupuncture was pain free and very relaxing. Rachael has years of experience and has worked with many women who are trying to conceive, therefore, has a wealth of knowledge on fertility and supporting couples on their different journeys. For example, in the first session she gave me an ovulation chart to complete. This was so simple and unbelievably useful, however, none of the medical professionals we had seen had ever mentioned it to us.    

After my first acupuncture session my bleeding stopped! After three months of continuous bleeding this was a miracle.

It took a few months of weekly sessions to help my cycle to become more regular and I found it helpful to complete the ovulation chart daily to identify a pattern. After 3 months I became pregnant again and we are now absolutely besotted Parents to a beautiful little girl.  

I can’t thank Rachael enough for all her help and support over the past year to help us get to this point. I would recommend the NFC to anyone that is trying to conceive especially if they are finding it difficult. It is such a lovely, relaxing, supportive environment and when you leave you can’t help but take that feeling with you.  

GK, Edinburgh 2014