Time to get your mojo back!

Recent research published on the Fox News website, has discovered that the more sex a woman has, at any time of the month, the more fertile she is, due to increased levels of specialist cells which help prepare her body for pregnancy.

Image: Fox News

Image: Fox News

The Fox News article states:

Researchers at Indiana University found that sexual intercourse, even when performed outside the window of ovulation, causes physiological changes in a woman’s body that make her more fertile.

The author of the study said that the research is the first to show that sexual activity may cause the body to promote types of immunity that support conception.  

Women's immune systems have a difficult task  - they have to  keep the woman safe by attacking diseases and infections but they also also need to recognise other types of foreign bodies, such sperm and embryos,  and leave them well alone.

There are two types of cell which help the woman in this task - 'helper T cells' which prevent the body from detecting the foetus and sperm as a foreign substance and 'Immunoglobulin G Antibodies' which are found in the blood and ward off disease without affecting the uterus.  Both these types of cells were found in greater numbers in women who had more sex during their cycle, meaning that those women had a greater chance of conception.

GP's regularly recommend that a couple have intercourse every 2 days when trying to conceive but this is because they assume that women are not able to accurately predict their 'fertile window.  In our experience, this advice can have a negative effect on couples, as the pressure to 'perform' (for the man and the woman) every two days is often too much to bear on top of busy work and social lives plus other commitments.  At the Natural Fertility Centre we teach women to be aware of the lead up to the fertile window, as well as the window itself but also emphasise the need to keep functioning as a sexually active couple throughout the month - for the sake of the relationship and communication on all levels.  Lately we have seen a few couples who have taken a break from actively trying to conceive in order to focus on their relationship, a decision which we applaud.  Getting your sex life back on track, or reassessing and revitalising your sexual relationship as a couple is vital to create a strong bond and improve your chances of conceiving.

Our Conception Coach, Dee Armstrong, is here on Mondays for women who want to learn more about identifying their fertile time.  For those couples who need help getting their mojo back, this book from YinOva director and author Jill Blakeway can be a useful guide and our counsellors, Gabrielle Moericke (Edinburgh) and Francesca Howell (Glasgow), can also give you expert support.  Sometimes small tweaks to your diet can make a huge difference as well - effecting mood and energy levels - and for those needing calm, acupuncture reduces adrenaline levels and helps to keep you relaxed and more able to enjoy life and enhance relationships.