June Case Study

We always ask patients for feedback and to write a testimonial or case study but we also recognise that there is little time left over with a new-born baby on the scene.  That is why we really appreciate when someone takes the time to do this, for us and for future patients.

Here's our latest case study/testimonial from RR, Edinburgh, June 2015: 

I attended the NFC after having three miscarriages over two years. We lost all babies in the first trimester.
At my first appointment I was recommended to have acupuncture and to meet a nutritionist. From this I went on and attended acupuncture monthly and adopted a dairy free diet.
Initially I hoped these treatments would work but had little faith as I felt I would never be able to maintain a pregnancy and was in a very negative frame of mind. I had acupuncture with Rachael regularly who created a lovely calm, friendly and supportive environment. My nutritionist was Jane who again was a brilliant support and very knowledgeable. I felt both professionals were generally interested in my health and wellbeing and wanted the best outcome for my husband and I.
After one month I became pregnant and maintained a healthy pregnancy. I now have a wonderful 6 month old baby girl. I feel having acupuncture and the changes to my diet had a massive contribution to my healthy pregnancy. I also felt great support and comfort from attending the NFC and I also believe this helped my pregnancy. I have remained on a dairy free diet and have noticed massive improvements.
I will always highly recommend the NFC to anyone going through difficulty. I believe I had a successful pregnancy due to the help received and changes I made from your advice.THANK YOU SO MUCH!