'It's Stat time of year again!' or 'Not just a bunch of numbers'

I'm not sure what's happening to me.  On the Business Management HND course I did when I was 19, statistics were my most dreaded subject, along with accounts.  Now however, that they seem to have a purpose and Excel has been invented (yes, it was that long ago), I actually really enjoy the number crunching.  It's amazing what you can glean from a full spreadsheet of figures and it does really feel like 'data mining' - digging into the rock face of figures staring at me on the screen and finding those gems.   

What's also lovely is seeing patients' names again - patients we treated way back in 2012. I remember them and the stories they told me, both happy and sad,  over the time they came into the clinic.  These memories give even a flat excel spreadsheet a warmth and richness of detail.

Of course, I understand that not many people out there get as much excitement from this as I do but I'm hoping that sharing our results means you can make informed decisions - whether or not it's worth coming to see us, for example - and whether you feel happy telling struggling friends about what we do.  Not only that of course, the data  also helps us keep track of how we're doing and, I'm very pleased to say, that our results/success rates have been consistently high since we started keeping track effectively (2012).

Here are some simple stats to get you in to the groove:  

40% of our patients are using, or have used, ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques) including IVF, ICSI, Egg donation and Sperm donation.  That means, of course, that 60% are trying naturally.

22% of patients have had either one or more miscarriages.

14% of patients have been told they have 'unexplained infertility' and 12% have a Male Factor issue.

Importantly:  38% of the total number of patients we have seen since 2012 went on to conceive. That's from everyone, whether we actually know their results or not - when we don't know the outcome we record no pregnancy, although actually experience has shown us that people often have been successful but have just moved on in their lives and haven't remembered to tell us.  Even better, of the 43% (359 people) from whom we have results, 85% have conceived.

Despite the excitement of number crunching, it's the patient's stories the shine through most in this exercise.  Each little '1' in the 'pregnant' column is an overwhelming joy for you and a shout of jubilation for us. Each '0' in the same column is a deep sigh and a willingness to re-group, construct a new plan and to make things better next time.  We share so much of your lives in the precious sessions in the clinic: some people want to chat, others want to close their eyes and lie still, but there is always an interchange of stories and ideas, which certainly enriches our lives and, hopefully, yours as well.