Thank you letter from a happy patient

We often receive cards with thank you's and they're all kept proudly in a folder in our reception but are difficult to share online.  Here's an email we received from a happy patient which we can share easily with you all in the knowledge that many take hope from hearing other patient's stories. 

Just wanted to let staff who have been involved in our treatment know of your part in helping us to have a positive and successful journey so far...
Particularly wanted to extend our thanks, and ask you to share this message with Jill Storstein, Acupuncturist.
 We both had acupuncture treatments with Jill last Autumn, various dates through November.
We then had IVF treatment at GCRM in Glasgow in cold and wintry mid December last year, so just squeezed this in right before Christmas.
Our positive pregnancy result on 28 December, and later 8 week scan, all were promising.
Since then we have had one or two extra private scans, plus our NHS maternity scans also.
 Last week we had our 20 week scan and all is looking very well.
Baby is measuring right on target for a 3 September due date, and all physical development looking very healthy.
 We are so hugely grateful for all support from your centre, and the excellent treatment received from Jill.  This means the world to us.
We are now trying to relax and believe this will really happen this time, and now need to get busy with preparations and clearing out nursery space at home!
 We will of course update you in around 4 months, once the happy arrival joins us!"

We also had the additional acupuncture sessions immediately before and after embryo transfer. These were carried out by Alan Hunter in Glasgow, affiliated acupuncturist, who is experienced in working with GCRM patients at the clinic. Another incredibly supportive professional, and excellent treatment, which helped give us extra confidence at the crucial stage.

 "We hope that many other couples will feel encouraged on their journey, and confident in trying therapies available.  It is difficult to believe that things will stay positive, particularly after experiencing loss and heartaches in the past. However we feel we explored all options and did all the things we could within our means, to put ourselves in as strong a position as possible, and give ourselves best chances of succeeding. Luckily we sought out great care, and were fortunately blessed with good results."