Fertility vs Fertility

If you look up the word 'fertility' in a dictionary it will give you two definitions: 1. the ability to conceive children or young and 2. the quality of being fertile or 'productiveness'.  Synonyms for this last definition include: fruitfulness, productiveness and prolificacy. 

The article, Redefining our own fertility - and then realising we never lost it in The Huffington Post puts an emphasis on the this second definition of fruitfulness and productiveness and suggests that we have lost sight of this more general and generous aspect of Fertility.   The author describes older women, in their 50's, 60's and 70's, who are enjoying a full life; exploring aspects of creativity beyond reproduction and childbearing and encourages us to discover and nourish our productive selves.

Working from within the fertility industry we tend to see only one side - that concerning reproduction.  We witness the many patients who come looking for support and treatment when conception is either delayed, or, further down the line, improbable without medical help.  It is easy to forget that there is a wider role for men and women as fertile beings in life. 

In our role as supporters of sub- or in-fertile women and men, we should also encourage them to explore and develop the other fertile sides to their lives.  Whether through sport, adventure, art, self-development, writing or even the way they manage their lives, we can try to bring to each patients' attention their ability to express themselves, create and be fertile in many other ways.