Lovely Testimonial


We really appreciate it when people take the time to let us know how they've got on.  Here's our latest testimonial from some very happy parents:

The acupuncture clearly worked as he arrived a week early! Actually it was the night of my last session with yourself Rachael that I went into labour! He arrived by emergency section but all was well. He was a hefty 9lb 6oz and has continued to thrive. He’s an absolute joy, a very loveable wee champ.
I’d like to say a special thank you to Anu and Monika as I seen them most of the time, throughout my treatment, until we reached 12wks and again at 36wks. I cannot thank everyone enough, we truly believe acupuncture helped in our successful IVF cycle. I have and will continue to recommend you to friends and definitely use your services again when and if we try for baby #2!