Another Happy Customer!

Here's our latest case study from a patient, in all her own words:

I am age 38 and had four years trying and then four rounds of IVF in 2016. Unexplained infertility on my part, my husband tested fine. I had 12 eggs of which 7 fertilised, all 5 day blastocysts. My fourth frozen transfer worked and I am nearly 18 weeks pregnant J

I had been having acupuncture for around 18 months with another lady (not at the clinic) but I had a great initial appointment with Dee who gave me lots of great advice and then with Fiona who I think was for Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. Then I had two abdominal massages with Jill just before my fourth IVF transfer.

The clinic was a real breath of fresh air, as where the practitioners. It had a spa feel about it which was so relaxing. I really only attended a few times before my fourth round of IVF worked but I think the abdominal massage and the instruction on using the castor oil packs really helped me. I really focused on keeping my uterus calm, warm and in good health which I really believe the massage and castor oil packs helped with.

The massage was just amazing, so much time spent on the treatment and really good value.

Having unexplained fertility left me with nowhere to go really as I had nothing that my doctors could actually treat so looking at natural alternatives really helped me to feel that I was still being proactive – and without spending a fortune!

The advice on things that I could do myself like the castor oil packs and going gluten free was just invaluable. Every day that I practiced this I felt that I was making a difference and that was a great feeling.

Well, all I can say is that my fourth round worked just after my visits and abdominal massage so I am sure that they definitely contributed!

I was so close to starting IVF for the fourth time that I only used the Chinese herbs very briefly so I don’t think they even had a chance to take effect. But I still think they are worth doing and would consider again.

I would highly recommend a visit to the clinic. So much good advice and you can actually have a really open and honest conversation. We talked about different case studies too so my faith was definitely restored after four long years of trying. I was also really impressed with the up to date knowledge that the practitioners had – more than my own doctors ever had or ever wanted to share anyway. And the treatments are really good value for money which helps when you may have already spent a fortune trying to conceive. My only regret is that I didn’t find the clinic sooner!