Lovely Thank You Message

It makes us so happy to receive your good news, it doesn't matter how long after we last saw you. We once received a thank you card 2 years after seeing a patient and were so pleased and relieved to find out what had happened and how things had turned out.

Here is our latest Thank You email - we know it helps patients to read others' stories, to feel there is hope and know that things do work out for many, many people.

I meant to send you this email months ago!
I wanted to say thank you for your help conceiving my children.
I believe acupuncture has made a real difference in the IVF process.
I have 3 beautiful children which I never thought I would ever have.
The twins were born the day after my last appointment on 14th September.
Rachael, Fiona, Jill, Anu, and Monika, Thank You very much.
I recommended you to a friend of a friend and after many IVF attempts she is pregnant and due soon.
You are doing an amazing job.
Sorry it took me so long to send this message.
Kind regards