How to enjoy eating well in 2018

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People's focus inevitably turns to making improvements when a new year starts.  In an ideal world we wouldn't go through such cycles of good intentions leading to slippery slopes leading to Christmas binges and then starting again.  In an ideal world we'd eat well 80% of the time and leave the other 20% to occasional bits of cake, good quality wine or beer and the odd life-saving pie and chips.  Not only that but we'd get enjoyment from eating well and not see it as a punishment.

We don't need to be fanatical about diet/nutrition.  A balanced base point which doesn't vary throughout the year will give your body and mind so much strength and stamina and help you feel confident and energetic.  

This means having a plan and trying to stick to it most of the time.  We've all been caught short running for a train, out and about with no healthy options or nothing in the fridge and that's fine if you give your body goodness the rest of the time.  Eating well should be in place most of the time and should be easy - it shouldn't feel imposed or like a punishment because then it's bound to fail.

Supplements can really help as they ensure (if they're the right quality) that your body gets, at least, a good amount of minerals and vitamins if you're not managing to get them from food and, let's face it, most of us don't.

Eating well is the most basic and important factor for improving fertility as long as there is nothing physically wrong like blocked tubes (in either partner).  Hormonal disturbances can be evened out, stress and anxiety decreased, sleep improved as well as circulation and, vitally, nutritient levels in the blood which feeds all body cells (including sperm, eggs and womb lining).

The other massive positive to eating well is that it makes you feel great.  It doesn't have to be extreme or painful. Just adding in nutrients in the form of seeds, for example chucking a handful of pumpkin seeds in your porridge or on your cereal, can transform a nutrient 'empty' breakfast into something your body can really use to give it strength and vitality.  

Give it a try - come and see us if you need help and individual advice - and don't let it get over complicated or stressful.  Make healthy eating your default position and look forward to 'treating' yourself occasionally.  You might find that you're less likely to want to those treats over time as well as your body gets used to a healthier way of being.