Latest Testimonial

Once again, a lovely bit of feedback from a happy patient - now 35 weeks pregnant. It’s so nice for us to hear from you and find out how you are getting on, whether pregnant or not because so much is shared between us in fertility/acupuncture sessions.

I genuinely think that the acupuncture you gave me made all the difference to me successfully conceiving through IVF, and I’m very grateful. I also found the sessions really therapeutic just from the point of view of chatting and hearing about other women’s experiences, in addition to the acupuncture itself. I’ll certainly be back to see you when we’re thinking of using our remaining two embryos.

This patient also went on to say how she was very happy to share her feedback with you all.

You certainly helped me enormously, and I would like to see other women benefit.

Do let us know if you’ve been to see us but we haven’t caught up in a while. We always like to know how everyone is doing.