Drop in Global Sperm Counts

This article from the Irish Independent online highlights the problems couples are facing with male fertility.  The article also talks about the problems with over prescribing chlomid (chlomifene citrate) although we don't think this is as much of an issue in Scotland as it used to be 5 years ago.

The article suggests that " A possible reason for falling fertility levels in men, ...  is nutritional deficiency.

"There is a mounting group of people who have written about . . . micro-nutrient deficiencies. People have always been talking about diet, but not the macro diet (ie the food types one eats). Only in the last five years have people become aware to the fact sperms respond to and need micro-nutrients."

At the Natural Fertility Centre we place huge importance on nutrition for men and women.  After all, conceiving a baby is a two man job and the vitality and integrity of sperm is vital to having a healthy embryo and a healthy child.