Lovely Case Study

Here's a fantastic case study that illustrates really well what we can do.

32 year old Zana (not her real name) came to us after trying to conceive for one year.  She had a 'missed miscarriage' 2 months previously and needed chemical management to help the miscarriage proceed.  Since then she had been bleeding almost continuously. Our first aim was to use acupuncture to stop the bleeding and then to re-establish her cycle, which before this had always been irregular with bleeding every few weeks.  After the first acupuncture treatment her bleeding stopped and we calculated she might be mid-cycle.  We then discussed in more detail how to recognise her fertile window so that they could start trying to conceive again.  After 6 more sessions her cycle had been regular, around 35 days, and her luteal phase was lasting 13 days. By her 8th acupuncture session she was pregnant.   Her BBT chart is a great illustration of what pregnant chart looks like.   

Obviously, things don't always work this easily and it's still early days but acupuncture and fertility advice are an awesome combination and can often help people avoid long expensive treatments or years of waiting and hoping.  If Zana had not responded so well to the acupuncture we would have incorporated some nutritional advice and probably Chinese Herbal Medicine to help establish a regular cycle but, in this case, they were not needed.