Easter Eggs!

This is a really interesting article from the Huffington Post on the origins of Easter and the links with fertility. 

Easter is always associated with eggs and the writer says "Since the earliest times, the egg has been humanity's obvious and essential symbol for ... birth, fertility, growth ...". 

In the early days of The Natural Fertility Centre we used an egg on our leaflets as a symbol of fertility but a few confused clients didn't get the reference, so we quickly discarded it!   However the egg symbolises "New life. New beginnings. New season. New Year" which is where we find ourselves now, lighter days, daffodils blooming, the clocks about to go forward and on the cusp of Spring.

"It is such a natural correlation. The spring, when birds lay their eggs, when plants and animals are born, when all of nature is refreshed, replenished, renewed, is a perfect time to begin a new year."  It is no coincidence that the ancient Mediterranean spring goddess Eostre not only gives us our words Oestrogen and Oestres, but also Easter.

It's a fantastic time of year to re-think your fertility plans - you know what you want to achieve but what are the different ways you want to get there?  Do you want to take a break from the 'fertility roller-coaster', perhaps come and get some fresh insights into boosting your chances of conceiving naturally or start looking at IVF.  Are you more open to looking at egg donation, or adoption, or do you want to get back to basics and start again naturally? 

Spring is definitely a time of new beginnings and fresh opportunities ...  and we are here to guide and support you if you want to chat through your thoughts and choices.