Robert Winston on IVF, Egg Freezing & Frogs in Taffeta Shorts!

If you've got 15 minutes, watch the brilliant Robert Winston in his TEDMED talk from 20013.  He speaks so eloquently about IVF success rates, human fertility and the pitfalls of egg freezing.  He also strays into ancient IVF history with experiments on frogs in tafetta shorts - very interesting but you'll have to watch it to understand!


He also mentions the great work of Professor Richard Anderson from Edinburgh, who works at the ERI and for the GCRM at The Edinburgh Clinic.

It is not encouraging, but it is vital to be aware of the low human reproductive rate and the low success rate of IVF (both around 20% per month/cycle).

We find that many patients come to us with unrealistic expectations and put a lot of pressure on themselves.  We work hard to encourage, support and help couples grapple with the realities of trying to conceive.  For most couples, adopting a longer term view releases a lot of pressure and at the same time positively benefits their relationship.