If music be the food of love ...

A new study by The Royal Society, reported in the Daily Mail and The New York Times, indicates that a woman's taste in music and the musicians who make the music, changes over her monthly cycle.

During her most fertile phase, women tend to be attracted to more complex music and to having a hypothetical relationship with the musician involved.  The research suggests that women are more attracted to men who produce more complex music at their fertile time because they are seeking out superior genetic material for their offspring.  That is, of course, making the assumption that men who produce more complex music, for example, some jazz musicians, are brainier than, let's say, the members of Status Quo might be. Apologies to any Status Quo fans out there!

The study also supports Darwin's theory that the function of music is sexual and is a means of attracting the opposite sex.  The Daily Mail article says:

The role of music in human evolution has long been a mystery to scientists.

Charles Darwin argued that birdsong and human music, having no other clear role in survival, must have had a role in sexual selection.”

When it comes to longer term relationships, women seem to have no preferences regarding musical, the complex music is only more attractive to those seeking short-term relationship and for reproduction purposes!