Self-help Motherhood

Over the last year, we have seen an increase in women using sperm donation in order to become mothers.  Most of these women are either single and in their late 30's or early 40's and have decided not to continue waiting to find the 'right' person, or are in a gay relationship.  In one more unusual case at our clinic, the woman's male partner but he did not want a biological child but was very supportive of his girlfriend going it alone.  

A recent article on Sky News highlights this growing trend.  Specialist clinics, like the Stork Klinik in Copenhagen, cater for single women and gay couples but local IVF units also provide assistance.  

Many single women and gay couples choose to go abroad due to the greater availability of donor sperm and clinics focussed on their needs.  GP's in this country are still often at a loss as to what to do with gay couples or single women and can make the process harder and more emotionally draining by their lack of awareness and experience.

In response to the growing demand for self-insemination with donor sperm, the Daily Mail Online today reports the sale of a new product called the Stork, for £100.  This device allows a single woman, or a couple, to carry out Inter Uterine Insemination in the comfort of their own home but, to make this effective, an awareness of ovulation days (a woman't most fertile period) is vital.

Anyone interested in learning more about their cycle and being able to identify their fertile window should come and see our Fertility Coordinator Dee Armstrong.

At The Natural Fertility Centre we welcome everyone who is trying to conceive, whether they be in a couple, single, gay or straight.  We take pride in our experience and expertise and our ability to help all those who come to us for assistance.