Don't pigeon-hole us!

A new meta analysis by the University of Southern California, indicates that there is NO difference in women's preferences for masculine men over the length of their menstrual cycle. This seems to contradict a lot of the research that hits the news but Provost Professor Wendy Wood found that, by analysing the wide range of data available, there were no fluctuations in women's desired male characteristics.

What's more, she found that research which tried to highlight this was less likely to be published.  Research which seemed to show that women's hormones dictate their needs had more chance of being published even if the studies were poorly conducted with dubious outcomes.

She says

A complete model of human reproduction needs to acknowledge women’s impressive capacity to regulate their own behavior and not fall into the trap of biological determinism

Male characteristics such as a strong jaw and dominant behaviour were always more desired by the women in the studies but so were attributes such as kindness.  Previous studies have implied that women looked for dominant males during ovulation and 'kind' males the rest of the time.

So it seems that women can no longer be pigeon-holed into the convenient 'bundle of hormones' identity - a great leap forward, we would say!