Counselling & Hypnotherapy is good for:

Anyone who is stressed and/or anxious in their lives, their jobs or about trying to conceive and who may be finding the additional burden hard to cope with.  Hypnotherapy is used for IVF support.  Counselling is additionally useful for those who have things in their past, present or future that they might want to talk through with an experienced listener.

About Counselling & Hypnotherapy

People think they’ll have no control over what’s happening during hypnotherapy when, in fact, it induces the same sleepy state you experience every night and which you can snap out of if and when you choose. The state allows positive suggestions to penetrate deeper and make a noticeable difference to your attitude, for example towards IVF or fertility in general. All of our patients who have used hypnotherapy have fed back on the positive benefits they have felt.

Sometimes we think a patient needs nothing more than to talk to a trained counsellor.  Sometimes we'll even suggest that the patient stops all other treatments with us for a while and concentrates instead on dealing with some emotional barriers.  There is less stigma attached now to counselling and people can really benefit from sorting out some deep seated, or even more surface, emotional issues, either singly or as a couple.  A trained counsellor is there to listen and guide and, flippant as it sounds, all emotional issues are better dealt with than left to fester no matter how difficult and draining this can be at the time.  Our counsellors always know when to probe and when to leave well alone, supporting you the whole way.  Sometimes the barriers to fertility really are mainly emotional.