The Joystick and the TV screen

N and I have had our first adventure in private health care and things did not get off to a brilliant start. N left his bag on the train and had to leap back on leaving me on the platform. We then weaved our way independently, and with the aid of Google maps, through large industrial and residential estates before re-uniting at the clinic. N is fairly terrible when it comes to navigation so I was more than relieved to see him. Objective one, reach destination complete - next time we’ll drive.

The clinic was really lovely. Lots of contemporary furnishings and good magazines. It felt more hotel waiting room than surgery. N and I were separated, him heading off downstairs to do the business and me for my AMH test.

We decided to have the AMH test done to get more information on my egg reserve, with the hope this may reassure me before rushing our bank balance headlong into IVF. The Natural Fertility Centre has an interesting blog about the pros and cons on AMH tests if you want to know more about it.

I’m fairly used to be poked about by now, so quite enjoyed the experience (in an educational way). There was a large TV screen I could watch at the end of the bed, and whilst it could have been off putting given the pleasant nurse had a giant white joystick up my nethers, it was rather fascinating to see it all on screen. Heavens knows how she could tell what was follicle and what was white screen, it looked like bad tracking to me, but she was very happy to answer my questions.

When N and I reunited again I was brimming over with excitement about my follicle sizes. He had not had such a good time. Faced with a bare white room, an en-suite toilet and a pile of porn mags, he couldn’t really get in the mood. He struggled on like the trooper he is but he wasn’t as pleased with the results as the sample we’d smuggled in his puffa jacket in Jan (see Blog Post 2).

The results were speedy, and delivered within the week. Mine gave more positive feedback on my reproductives, however every good report for me weighs heavy on N. The results he got were the worse yet, and he was pretty grumpy and miserable about it the whole following weekend. I think because we’d paid for it he thought they would be better, and provide some miracle insight that said his sperm weren’t so bad. It was rather crushing to discover the lowest rankings to date.

We have our first consultation appointment soon and are desperately trying to make spreadsheets balance to see if we can manage private. The Jury’s still out till we hear what private and NHS timelines look like in the next couple of weeks.

Will keep you posted.

Daisy x