Q: How do I book in?

A: Just give us a call on 0131 629 1529.  Leave a message if we can't get to the phone  - if we're with patients we won't be able to answer.  We always return calls and your message is always treated confidentially. 

Q: What should I expect from my first session?

A: You've got a few choices.  If you've just started trying, have been trying for some time and are considering IVF, or if you've had enough of IVF and want to try naturally, then book in to see one of us for a First Fertility Appointment.  In Edinburgh these are usually held with Dee Armstrong and in Glasgow with Francesca Howell.  They'll go through your full case history and help you to work out how to move things forward.

If you are about to start IVF then you will usually be looking for Acupuncture.  In this case, book in with one of our acupuncturists.  They will also take a full case history but will focus treatment on supporting you through IVF.

Q: Do you offer any discounts or packages

A: Yes, we are happy to negotiate costs for long-term or low-income patients.

We also offer 'packages' to keep costs lower.  Our 'IVF Treatment Package' gives you 6 repeat treatments for the costs of 5 and is £165. 6 treatments normally cover the IVF process from the start of the drug protocol but occasionally additional sessions are needed (eg if the drugs take longer to work or egg retrieval/embryo transfer is delayed)

We also offer an 'IVF-Ready Nutrition' session with our nutritionist.  This is a shorter, focussed session for a couple pre IVF.  There is a condensed questionnaire to fill in and the sessions are aimed at getting your bodies in the best shape for IVF.   We recommend these sessions are booked at least three weeks in advance of IVF.

Q: How much will this all cost me?

A: Different treatments costs different amounts but our prices are kept as low as we can and the New Intake appointment is £55.  Supplements and herbs cost extra but we only recommend what we think necessary.   Most people benefit from a combination of treatments - usually acupuncture, conception coaching and nutrition. 

Q: What if I just need IVF?

A: We will always advise if we think you should go straight for IVF or gamete (egg/sperm) donation.  We have enough experience and expertise to be realistic but still encouraging.

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