Around 50% of our patients are undergoing IVF.

This means we need to be experts in providing support for those patients, with full knowledge and awareness of the drugs used, the various (and ever-changing) protocols, the IVF clinics & their consultants and nursing staff, the investigations needed and consents procedures.  We also, through long experience, are very aware of the emotional and financial implications and difficulties, the mood swings and relationship troubles and the stresses of each part of the treatment and the long wait for the result.

On top of this, we take into account each individual couple's case history - the reasons for choosing assisted reproductive techniques, the struggles you have already been through and the implications for your lifestyles, family and jobs.

For most people nowadays, IVF is a choice and it is usually a positive choice.  It is important to remember this and to go into it feeling optimistic.  We offer tailored hypnotherapy sessions to help you view each new attempt in a realistic but positive light.  We know from experience that this very much helps the experience of IVF and makes it less of a drain on emotions.

We also recommend that a couple comes to see us, ideally, 3 months before starting IVF.  This gives us, and you, a chance to put right things that may be wrong especially linked to diet and stress.  It takes around 3 months for both sperm and egg to develop so the earlier you come, the more chance there is of improving sperm and egg quality for your IVF cycle.

Acupuncture is used especially during IVF.  Usually weekly sessions are given during the down-regulating phase, weekly or bi-weekly during the stimulating phase (depending on your predicted response) and then once pre, and once post embryo-transfer.  During each of your acupuncture sessions we offer you the choice of listening to some guided hypnotherapy tailored to each stage of your protocol.   We also suggest you come once around 'implantation' (approximately day 5-6 post fertilisation) and during the wait for results as acupuncture is very effective in helping you to keep calm and anxiety levels low.