Our experience of helping couples with fertility issues over the last twenty years showed us that a large part of our success comes from supplementation with good quality nutrition.  The emphasis here is on the quality.  Our bodies tend to work better with less processed and more natural sources of nutrition and this is something that we wanted to explore for our patients.   Most couples we see are working hard and not eating enough of the right foods to restore their bodies. In the case of secondary infertility, there is the added issue of looking after a child whilst trying to conceive.  Vitamins and minerals are catalysts to help our body function more effectively in all circumstances and we wanted to supply the highest quality supplements to allow the body to work at it's best.

Our NFC nutritionist, Jane Jamieson (PhD) developed our 'nfc Essential' supplements, based on her expertise and our experience and knowledge of what patients needed.  Jane has been to visit the food growers in New Jersey to check on quality, consistency and ethics and we have visited the manufacturers in Oxfordshire to look at quality of packaging, labelling and manufacturing - we want our supplements to be the best on the market for the benefit of our patients.

The NFC Essential range is a 'food state' supplement - meaning that what is inside the capsules is closer to a food than a processed chemical.  Food State is a manufacturing process that binds real food with vitamins and minerals.  These are more easily recognised by the body and because they are more easily absorbed you receive the maximum benefit. Food State Supplements are- quite literally- the next best thing to food.    If you look at the ingredients list on the bottles, the quantities are generally less than on the average, more processed, supplements because your body is able to absorb more from each capsule.

Our supplements contain the most comprehensive mix of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins available.  Currently our range includes a high quality formula for women, for men and for during pregnancy as well as a non-acidic vitamin C (high in antioxidants) and a fish oil, derived from deep sea fish and therefore lower in toxins.  In 2016 we are developing a general anti-oxidant formula and a menopausal formula.  

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Encapsulating nfc Essential products at Wise Owl Health

Encapsulating nfc Essential products at Wise Owl Health

Our supplements are made for us, in the UK, by Wise Owl Health. Wise Owl are the result of over 30 years of research, development and formulations of the highest quality vitamins, minerals and herbs for use by health conscious consumers around the world.