Nutrition is good for:

Everyone!!  There are very, very few people who are clued up enough on nutrition to get it perfect so there is always room for improvement.  It is especially useful for women with PCOS or endometriosis or those who need to decrease or increase their BMI prior to IVF.  It is also vital for couples with recurrent miscarriage and men with low motility and morphology.

About Nutrition

We're very much about positive eating at the Natural Fertility Centre.  Most of our patients believe their daily food intake to be 'good' but are actually lacking in nutrients.  A diet of no, or little, breakfast (piece of toast & cup of tea), a baked potato, salad or sandwich for lunch followed by meat + two veg for dinner is enough to get by on but does not contain enough goodness to build up the body for conception and pregnancy.  Men also need to boost their body's resources with some healthy, positive eating.

Our range of specialist, food state, fertility nutritional supplements

Our range of specialist, food state, fertility nutritional supplements

Nutritional Therapy aims to provide you with the best possible intake of all the nutrients to allow you to be as healthy as possible. When nutrients are deficient in the body for any reason, imbalances can occur which may manifest as poor egg or sperm quality, erratic periods and PMS. We might also recommend that both partners do a Hair Mineral Analysis to measure levels of mineral in the hair and identify any toxic metals (such as mercury or lead) that may be present , especially in the case of recurrent miscarriage.

Although working with a Nutritional Therapist is an ongoing process, we offer ‘IVF-Ready Nutrition’ sessions as an introduction on how to make the most of your IVF. Our nutritionists also offer specialist advice for twin pregnancies and recurrent miscarriage.