Pregnancy – there are so many common conditions associated with pregnancy, such as vomiting & nausea in early/late pregnancy (more severely, hyperemesis which sometimes requires medication and/or hospitalisation), back pain, carpal tunnel, swollen ankles, piles, headaches which are all well treated with acupuncture. Our follow-on clinic, the Natural Pregnancy Clinic, can help women with any and all of these common symptoms.  We will always advise if we think it is necessary to see your GP or consultant.

Acupuncture is perfectly safe during pregnancy when carried out by a fully qualifies practitioner and member of the British Acupuncture Council.  In early pregnancy very few needles are used and, after 12 weeks, are not used anywhere on the abdomen.

Twin pregnancy – we provide acupuncture support to alleviate all the common symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy and especially advise booking in to see us from 18-22 weeks. We strongly encourage a visit to our nutritionist as a twin pregnancy makes especially high demands on the body.

Most of our patients keep coming to see us during the first 12 weeks of their pregnancy.  We use acupuncture and nutrition for early pregnancy support, for nausea and to calm nerves.  From then on patients sometimes choose to come monthly or just return when they get close to their due date - we recommend from 36 weeks for a first pregnancy and from 38 weeks for subsequent pregnancies.

We love seeing our patients' baby photos and, with permission, will proudly display them on our case studies page on the website.  In the clinic we have a folder of thank you cards and baby photos for couples to choose to look through if they like.

Congratulations!  You got there - whether by the easy of more difficult path.  Usually couples focus so much on conception they forget about pregnancy, childbirth and the complex years of child-rearing ahead.  We can support you through your pregnancy, labour and post-childbirth with most of the issues that arise.  As always, we will suggest you see your GP or consultant if we think it necessary.