Abdominal Massage Self Care Teaching: 45 minutes, £45

Acupuncture: First session 45 minutes, £45  Repeat sessions 30 minutes, £30

Chinese Herbal Medicine: All herbs are approximately £23 for 3-4 weeks worth (depending on dosage)  First session 45 minutes £45  Repeat session 30 minutes, £30

Conception Coaching: First session 60 minutes £60. Repeat sessions 30 minutes, £30

Counselling: Contact us

Hypnotherapy: Contact us

First fertility appointment: 45 minutes, £45

Nutritional Therapy: Contact us

If we have more time and we think you need it, we will always offer to extend your session for no extra cost.  On the other hand, if you come late, we cannot promise to give you the full session as there is likely to be someone booked in after you.  Concessions are usually available for those on a very tight budget or who need to come more than once per week for a longer time (e.g. pregnancy nausea).

We also offer IVF Support packages:

Acupuncture only: £150 for 6 acupuncture sessions, usually starting when you begin the drug protocol (gives you one free acupuncture session)

Acupuncture & Hypnotherapy: £270 for 2 hypnotherapy sessions for prior to beginning IVF + 6 acupuncture sessions. (gives you one free acupuncture session)

IVF-Ready Nutrition:  30 minute intensive and focussed session on preparing your bodies for IVF, £30.  A short questionnaire needs to be completed before the session.